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Aboriginal 10 Year Family Violence Agreement

Dhelk Dja: Safe Our Way – Strong Culture, Strong Peoples, Strong Families is an Aboriginal-led agreement to combat violence in Aboriginal communities. This information package highlights what the government has done so far and plans to do over the next three years to provide Aboriginal-led domestic violence services: the fund was established under the Dhelk Dja: Safe Our Way – Strong Culture, Strong Peoples, Strong Families 10 Year Agreement and will build on the government`s commitment to enshrining Victoria`s self-determination in the family sphere. It is an Aboriginal-led Victorian agreement that commits partners to work together and be responsible for the growth, security, security, prosperity and freedom of domestic violence. The Royal Commission into Family Violence has recognized the disproportionate impact of family violence on Aboriginal people and communities, particularly women and children, as well as significant barriers to access to culturally safe and responsive services. The vision of the Dhelk-Dja agreement is that Aboriginal people are culturally strong, safe and self-reliant, and that families and communities live without violence. The evaluation of Aboriginal-led prevention projects, funded through the Preventing the Cycle of Violence Aboriginal Fund and the Aboriginal Community Initiatives Fund, will strengthen the capacity of the Aboriginal community controlled Family Violence sector to create a stronger database for longer-term investment and support. Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected service delivery throughout the domestic violence reform year. Some of Dhelk Dja`s implementation work has been affected, in part because of the increased need to focus on the immediate provision of services and the continuation of services. Djirra (Council for Domestic Violence) during opening hours at 1800 105 303 – Garning SafeNStrong (24/7 Crisis for People, 1800 959 563 – Dardi Mun Wurro`s Brother to Brother (24/7 Aboriginal Men`s Referralsis Crisis Line) on 1800 435 799 The Victorian Family Violence Outcomes Framework wurde in Ending Family Violence: Victoria`s Plan for Change, Victoria`s priorities in preventing and responding to family violence. The Victorian Framework for The Outcomes of Family Violence is a national framework that aims to ensure that Victorian family violence reform efforts focus on measures that make a difference. The Victorian government is making progress in developing the framework, including through indicators and measures. Over time, measuring and tracking the results of Victorian violence in the family can also support coverage of the national plan.

The Dhelk Dja Partnership Forum meets three times a year to monitor progress under the Dhelk-Dja agreement and other key priorities. Given that more than two-thirds of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Family Violence are being implemented, the implementation of activities under this priority over the next three years will continue to support the implementation of the recommendations. Updates will continue to be provided via the website. Dja: Safe Our Way – Strong Culture, Strong Peoples, Strong Families 2018-2028 is the largest Victorian Aboriginal agreement that requires Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal services and government to work together and be accountable for the fact that Aborigines, families and communities live stronger, safer, more prosperous and without domestic violence.