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Agreement Efficiency

Preferred off-balance sheet treatment for the provision of efficiency services Agreements aim to continuously improve the energy efficiency of businesses and local authorities. Participants implement a quantitative goal of improving energy efficiency and implement measures to achieve their goals. Redaptive has worked with AT-T to implement energy efficiency measures at nearly 650 facilities using an efficiency and service financing solution, saving nearly $20 million in energy savings per year. The Energy Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Employment is responsible for the preparation, development and implementation of energy efficiency agreements. The Energy Agency has entrusted the state-owned companyMotiva Oy with the implementation, communication, reporting and monitoring of energy efficiency agreements. Participants in the agreement report annually on their measures to improve energy efficiency and other measures to improve energy efficiency in the online monitoring system. The government provides energy subsidies to support the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies and, where appropriate, conventional energy investments and energy audits by participating companies and municipalities. However, energy audits of large companies are not subsidized. The Energy Efficiency Act requires large companies to carry out an energy audit every four years. Energy audits are used to gain knowledge about the existing energy profile of a company or all units in a group and to identify opportunities for energy savings.

A company`s energy audit includes on-site audits to obtain detailed information on energy consumption and related energy efficiency measures. Thanks to its good results, Finland will continue to apply the voluntary approach during the period 2017-2025. To do so, however, the agreement must remain comprehensive and meet the targets set to improve energy efficiency. In practice, this means that from the beginning of 2017, a considerable number of businesses and local authorities will adhere to the agreements and actively implement their energy efficiency measures. For several years, businesses and municipalities have been taking voluntary steps to improve their energy use. Since the 1990s, energy efficiency agreements have been the most important instrument in Finland to improve energy efficiency and meet the EU`s strict energy efficiency commitments.