Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Day 13: Heat Padded Sleep

Oh, my sweet warmness… we just got a heating pad for our bed, put it under our sheets and now it’s so toasty. I don’t want to blame the warmth as why I slept 4 hours last night but it definately helped. That and my calves, which are like two painfully swollen rocks attached to my legs. The heat felt very nice in that regard.

I had such a scare yesterday. My laptop wouldn’t turn on. Luckily I was able to trace it down to one of my 1GB RAM modules. I’ve got to return it and get a new one. So, I’m floating on only 1GB of RAM now. Woe is me :)
Oh, well, I’ll notice the difference once I try to boot another OS in VMware.

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