Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Day 14: Wow

I never thought 6.5 hours of sleep would feel so refreshing. My calves feel a lot better. I feel pretty awake too. Although, I missed (sleepily disabled) the 3am and 4am wake-up buzzes on my phone. The alarm is bad. All it’s doing is giving me a negative connotation for my phone’s vibration mode.

So, yes, I overslept. My schedule is so not conducive to polyphasic sleeping. Next quarter, I’m going to try it with a much more strict (and evenly spread) schedule.

Even if I can’t get to my goal this quarter, I’m writing a research paper on polyphasic sleeping. I will be posting the full text by the middle of December.

Well, at least my 14 day average is still under 6 hours of sleep per 24.