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Factory Agreement Meaning In Hindi

1. In each work, the prescribed first aid cabinets or cabinets must be made accessible and maintained to be easily accessible during all working hours, and the number of these services and cabinets should not be less than one for every one hundred and fifty workers who normally work at the factory at any given time. No part passing through a self-action machine in a factory and no material carried on it can be transported if the space on which it passes is a piece on which a person can pass, either during his or her use or otherwise, at a distance of 45 centimetres from a solid structure that is not part of the machine, is allowed to pass outwards or inwards. 2. In each plant, appropriate devices must be made available and to be expected to be shut down in the event of an emergency of Machinerv`s operation in each workroom: 2. The State Government may, by written order, dispense any plant or class or description of plants with regard to ships, marshes, reservoir, pit or opening. , in compliance with the provisions of this section, in accordance with the provisions of this section, in accordance with the prescribed conditions. 3. No person may be appointed to exercise the powers of a surgeon certifying or exercise the powers of a certifying surgeon, including authorization or agent, who exercise these powers, who are or will be directly or indirectly interested in a work, or a process or transaction that is exercised there or that is or will otherwise be used in the factory. All occupants of a plant with a hazardous process must be passed on in duplicate to the inspector before the date on which work begins at the plant, in the event of a plant start after the start of this Law.

1.The occupant addresses the Chief Operating Officer, at least a fortnight before the start of the occupation or use of a plant, a written communication in which he communicates to the chief operating officer a notification requiring that that person or young person is, as may be the case, inspected by a certifying surgeon, and that that person or young person is not authorized if the inspector directs it is allowed to work or work in a factory until it has been tested and has received a certificate of aptitude or a new certificate of aptitude in accordance with Section 69 or has been certified by the certification surgeon who examines him as a non-teen. No woman or child may be employed in a cotton pressing plant in which a velvet opener is at work: 2. This occupant, agent, manager or person in charge of the plant or procedure is obliged to take immediate corrective action if he is satisfied with the existence of such an imminent danger and to report to the inspector on the measures taken. (7) If a group is to work on a stationed system and the relays are to be subjected to a predetermined periodic rollover, the Chief Operating Officer establishes a shift work pattern, the postmaster being known for each day during the period during which a relay or group must work and the relay that will work at any time of the day. 1. Effective arrangements must be made at each plant for the treatment of waste and waste water according to the manufacturing process carried out there, in order to make them harmless and for their disposal.