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German Oddities: Part 2

*NOTE: these are complete generalizations that I’ve gathered from only a few days in Magdeburg and may not be an accurate sample of Germany as a whole*

There are no Scoop-the-Poop Laws

As evidenced by my walk to the tram stop every day, the city apparently doesn’t care about dogs crapping on the sidewalks. Although the sidewalks are covered in snow (and ice) at the moment, you have to be extra careful not to step in the (probably) more slippery substances that are so carefully placed every few feet.

Shuffling Cards

Tonight, I learned that most Germans are not adept at shuffling cards in the Riffle bridge format ( This is quite common in the US–but maybe it’s more common to play card games there…

Pushing Buttons

If you want something to happen, you have to push a button. The trams (streetcars) have doors that will not open for you unless you push a green button on their middle. The trains work the same way (most of them).

Ready Made, Chilled Cheeseburgers

You can buy ready made cheeseburgers in the meat section of the grocery store… bun and all.

Sit When You Pee

In nearly every restroom I’ve seen, there is a sign insisting that you sit while peeing.


In the two apartments I’ve visited, both have keys in all the doors.


You can drink just about anywhere. People drink on the train, walking down the street… pretty much anywhere.

Zwei Bier, bitte!

Other Photos From Our Trip

Want to buy a rock?

Here’s an example of 4 different trash receptacles on a train:


I am now uploading all of my trip photos to Facebook–but you have to be my friend to see them :)

  • Welcome to Germany. It's funny seeing it through the eyes of a newbie. I've been here for close to 20 years (at present in Leipzig) and it still appears quite alien to me. strange enough Leipzig reminds me of my home town (NY) – there are a lot of similarities. I am surprise to read that dog walkers are not scooping their dogs poop in MDG – it must be due to the heavy snowfall lately. Once again welcome!


  • There are Scoop the Poop laws, and you can get a 100€ ticket for not obeying them… but no one seems to care. :(