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The short answer to this question is no. Coworking is not regulated by the state real estate commission, mainly because it does not have longer contracts and significant prior costs, often with traditional leases. For both a landlord and tenant, coworking space is much less risky than traditional office space where a person who does not participate in the agreement leaves the space without a lengthy legal process. It also means that customers don`t need to cooperate with a licensed broker to search, negotiate and move to a flexible workspace. Why now? – the decline of traditional leasing It is well documented that the flexible job market is revolutionizing the office market in the UK East. A recent CBRE report showed that 92% of UK homeowners believe the sector is about to become mainstream. And more than three-quarters of them plan to use flexible offices in their portfolios. Any prognosis assumes that this revolution will continue and, as a result, the impact on landowners will be profound. Office rents are already shorter from year to year. The requirement for tenant flexibility and, more recently, the increase in renting CVAs undermines the security of rental income. This changes the way property owners display their properties. According to CBRE, global investors believe that up to 20% of the coworking space in a building increases its value.

My view is that the successful landowners of the future will be those who no longer think only of generating income from real estate in the traditional way, that is, by awarding leases. What are an owner`s options? I think there are a number of options open to homeowners.1. In 2017, you grant an operator a traditional lease Flexible workspace operators have taken over 21% of central London offices, much of them in trophy buildings and largely under traditional rental conditions. With the increased alliance strength of the operators, it is now the vanilla option. Of course, but without a high. WeWork is now the largest office occupant in central London, behind the government.