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Order Processing Agreement

If you are a contractor subject to the RGPD, it is in your best interest to have a data processing agreement: it is first required for RGPD compliance, but the privacy policy also gives you assurance that the data processor you are using is qualified and competent. As noted in point 81: (3), contracts in which the contractor orders third-party services as purely ancillary services to the performance of its business activities (. B, for example, cleaning, child care or transportation services), in the absence of ancillary services, do not constitute subcontracting within the meaning of the provisions of this contract. However, the holder ensures that. B data security in this context is not compromised and the provisions of this contract and data protection provisions are respected. A data processing contract is a legally binding contract that establishes each party`s rights and obligations with respect to the protection of personal data (see “What is personal data?”). Section 28 of the RGPD applies to data processing agreements covered in Section 3: Risk Management Program. Microsoft conducted a risk assessment before processing customer data or launching the online service. 2. The execution of the contract in a third country, including by subcontractors, is subject to the prior agreement of the adjudicator power and can only be carried out if the specific conditions set out in the art. 44 and the following of the RGPD are completed, unless the holder is required, in accordance with EU or Member States to which the contractor is subject, to work in the third country. Sources: Once a company entrusts data processing to external service providers, it is an order processing process. External data processing may take place in the following cases.

B: In addition to complying with the provisions of this contract, the contractor also has legal obligations under the s. 28 to 33 RGPD; In this context, it guarantees, among other things, compliance with the following standards: (a) the written order of a data protection delegate who operates in accordance with art.