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Packet 6 Subject Verb Agreement Answer Key

10 7. The little baby with the dimples (toboggans, slides) go down the bench. 8. Problems with Bobby (a, must) be resolved. 9. A packet of my daughters were left outside the front door. 10. University courses (requiring) a lot of study. II. Sometimes phrases other than prepositions follow the SUBJECT. In general, they are introduced by commas and by words and phrases as including, in addition, with, as well as, or accompanied by. SUBJECT does not appear in any of these sentences.

Therefore, cross-check all flows that are cooked by commas. Then look for the SUBJECT and put the verb in tune with the SUBJECT. Examples: Mother, with Aunt Sue, (a, have) gone to Canada. The winning candidate, including two of her assistants, entered the room. FOR ALL EXERCICES RESTANTS IN THIS PACKET FOLLOW THESE BASIC DIRECTIONS: 1) Cross sentences that are exhausted by commas. 8 2. Many colleges have computers. 3. More than one hundred thousand forest fires are reported each year. 4. Sometimes lightning (causes, cause) fires. 5.

Careless people (is, are) often the fault. 6. Forest runners (say) we can prevent forest fires. 7. Some Polynesian divers (downhill, descending) nearly forty-five feet without special equipment. 8. The eyes of the owl (done, do) it seems wise. 9.

In fact, the owl (see, see) is bad during the day. 10. Every year, scientists (discovered, discover) new drugs to fight diseases. PROBLEMS IN AGREEMENT. In the previous year, it was easy to match subjects and verbs, because the verbs followed their themes closely and the number of SUBJECT was clear. However, an expression may occur between THE SUBJECT and the verb that causes a PROBLEM with ACCORD, or SUBJECT may be a pronoun whose number is difficult to determine. 6 (B) If a relative pronoun refers to a plural noun, use a plural verb. Examples: She is one of the best students who participate/visit. Example B: The prepositional sentence cannot be omitted; Use the He is one of those people who never grow up/never grows up. Plural verb. 1.

Read and complete all the exercises in this PACKET. For more information, please visit THE HINT SHEET if necessary. 2. Test PACKET 6, 3 PACKET 1/06 Disk ZZ (52). Singulier AND PLURAL. THEMES AND VERBS. Exercise 1: If a word is singular, write S in front of it. If it`s plural, write P. 1.

Tomorrow – 1. Mosquitoes – 2. Calves – 12. Actress 3. Women – 13 Cave – 4. she – 14. us 5. Bleie – 15.

leaves -6. _16. Chief 7. __17. Men `8. Heights -18. Babys – 9. Geese – 19th Congress – 10. __20.

Mouse Exercise 2: The following topics and verbs are in AGREEMENT . PACKAGE 6. SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT . All names and pronouns have the number. They are singular when they refer to one thing. They are plural in number if they relate to more than one thing. A. If a word refers to a person or thing, it is unique in number.

When a word refers to more than one word, it is plural in number. Examples: hat, me, sky, principle (singular). Hats, us, heaven, principles (plural).