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Daily Drawing: Random Faces

Got a chance to sketch a bit on the plane ride over the weekend.


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Daily Drawing: Playing With Eyes

a bit of this is also yesterday’s drawing :)

Playing with eyes and faces

Now on to writing!

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Daily Drawing: The night we discovered that James was a Zombie Weresnake

Got a sick 2 year-old today so just a quick sketch. Didn’t have any intention with this one until I named it:

The night we discovered that James was a Zombie Weresnake

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Daily Drawing: Character Face Angle Sheet

I wanted to take what I’ve learned so far and compile it into 1 sheet that I could use for creating future character sheets. This shows a bunch of different face poses of a generic female manga character in basic structural mode:

Manga Face Angles Sheet

I left the guide markers that I used to sketch these so that I can refer to this sheet in the future. I’m going to make character sheet templates once I start learning other parts of the body :)

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Daily Drawing: Manga Girl (Looking Down Angle)

OK, looks like I missed this last angle of the face position. The Downward Look:

Manga Girl Down View

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Manga Girl – Up View

Ok, this is the last angle that the book (Manga for the Beginner) shows as essential views:

Mang a Girl - Up View - Ink
Manga Girl - Up Angle - Pencil

I also had time during my lunch break to make a super quick sketch version, which I find helpful for digesting the practice:

Manga Girl Quick Sketch

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Manga Girl 3/4 View

Another view of the girl. This time from a 3/4 view, which is supposedly the most attractive view:

Manga Girl 3/4 View - Ink

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