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Cartage Agreement

12.7 The client guarantees that he is entitled to enter into this contract and has obtained all the necessary authorizations for this purpose, he is not insolvent and gives him binding and valid legal obligations. 3.4 The client must do whatever is necessary or desirable to give this agreement full effect (and should not do anything that will prevent it). There is also an agreement for cartages for goods from customer to customer. 4.1. The service provider accepts that, if it entrusts subcontractors with the provision of services under this contract, a condition and condition of such a subcontract is that the subcontractors undertake to comply with all the provisions of that agreement; However, provided that such a commitment by the subcontractors does not absone the claimant of his responsibilities to the customer under this contract for the part of the service entrusted to the subcontractor, and for the purposes of this agreement, this obligation applies as if the provider itself provided the service. No contractual relationship is implied between a subcontractor and the customer. The differences between the de-ed and Cartage services are very subtle, and often the terms are interchangeable. However, there are differences, and the professional shipper can cope with these differences during the container-to-clutch trip. In many ways, Cartage is exactly the same Drayage when goods are shipped from one place to another.

However, one difference for container drainage is that Drayage usually means transporting the entire container and caring, usually dividing the contents of the container into smaller units and then transporting them by road to places within a metropolitan area. 3.2 These terms and conditions can only be changed with the carrier`s written consent and apply in cases of conflict with other documents or agreements between the Customer and the Carrier. Cartage`s advice must be carried out for the cargo in circulation and must be signed by the recipient as proof of receipt of the lot. When a container is in Drayage, there is usually a bill of lading containing critical information that allows the sender and recipient to consider the batch and track the shipment from source to the delivery location. When using caring, the usual document is a caring consultation, that is, a legal document describing the nature, quantity and destination of the goods transported. Cartage`s consultation can also be used as a receipt. 3.3 These terms and conditions must be read in relation to the offer, car letter, contract, air cargo invoices, manifests or other forms provided by the carrier to the Customer. If there is disagreement between these documents, the conditions set out in this document are given priority. 11.8 The airline will provide personal data at the customer`s request (in writing) or if necessary, unless necessary to meet the obligations under this Agreement or must be maintained and/or stored in accordance with the Act.