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Contract Pilot Agreement Sample

2.5 In order to avoid any doubt, except in paragraph 2 (subject to paragraph 7.4), this agreement is not obliged to require any part or one of its related companies to enter into a new agreement on the provision of products and services on an ongoing basis (non-trial) after the conclusion of the study (a “final agreement”). This agreement deals only with the proposed agreements and there is no other agreement between the parties with respect to goods and services, unless the parties have agreed to all the terms of a final agreement and both parties have signed a final agreement. 17.1 This agreement and each of Schedules A, B and C is the final and exclusive declaration of the parties` agreement on the matters covered by this agreement. It replaces all negotiations and agreements. This agreement is concluded and concluded by and between Air Atlantic, the pilots and pilots in service of Air Atlantic, as represented by the Air Atlantic Pilots Association (hereafter referred to as the Association). This agreement replaces and replaces all previous agreements and applies under THIS PILOT AGREEMENT (this “agreement”), dated 1 October 2014, but in effect when the loan is issued (date of effect), by and between the development authority of MURRAY COUNTY (the issuer), a development authority and public and political bodies duly created by the Development Authority Act. O.G.C.A. 36-62-1, et seq. (the “act”), TDG OPERATIONS, LLC, a Georgian limited liability company (the “company”) and MURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA (the “county”), a county in the state of Georgia (the issuer, the company and the county, each a “party” or collective, the “parties”). The Board of Tax ASSESSORS OF MURRAY COUNTY (the Board of Assessors) and the TAX COMMISSIONER OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Tax Commissioner”) each recognize this agreement in order to confirm their respective agreements on the provisions applicable to them, but they are not considered contracting parties.

This pilot agreement (“agreement”) sets out the conditions under which SingPost eCommerce Pte. Ltd. (“SP eCommerce”) will provide services (the “services” designed for small and medium-sized enterprises) as part of the pilot phase (“pilot program”). For more information on the ezyCommerce program and related services, see It is understood by all parties that the advertising pilot is a better effort until December 31, 1999 by both companies to provide resources for the project for the creation, implementation and testing of marketing messages that, according to Xerox, will provide effective awareness and commitment for Xerox products with school managers and companies that use Zap Me! The clean space. (C) If the review is concluded, both parties intend to enter into another agreement that (i) the client would have a software license to illuminate; and (ii) illuminating would provide the products and services to the customer.