Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Daily Drawing: Manga Girl

I picked up a copy of Christopher Hart’s “Manga for the Beginner”, which has a ton of great info and step by step guides for drawing manga. I’m just starting it–so here’s my take on the first lesson. I took pictures of it along the way, breaking it into a few more steps than the book had. I’ve arranged it in reverse so you can see the final product first :)

Step 7 – Ink:
Anime Girl - Step 7 - Ink

Step 6 – Final Pencil:
Anime Girl - Step 6 - Final Pencil

Step 5 – Detail:
Anime Girl - Step 5

Step 4 – Hair:
Anime Girl - Step 4

Step 3 – Eye Detail + Nose, Mouth:
Anime Girl - Step 3

Step 2 – Eye Position and Relation:
Anime Girl - Step 2

Step 1 – Basic Form:
Anime Girl - Step 1