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Deferred Payment Agreement Attendance Allowance

Their customers can contact their local authority to find out if they are eligible for the payment deferral program. If you have received a pension loan, there are circumstances in which you are still entitled to this allowance at the end of the initial non-compliance period and the resumption of the care allowance. When you apply, the local authority carries out an assessment of your financial situation. Boards should offer deferred payments if you meet the following criteria: If you or your representative are not satisfied with any aspect of the payment deferral system, you should follow the customer return and complaint procedure. We inform you before concluding a payment deferral, about the interest rates currently set and the date on which interest rates are expected to change. If you will receive a care allowance, the care allowance unit suspends payment after receiving financial assistance from the district council for 28 days for your care, which can be provided either in a nursing home or in a hospital. A payment deferral agreement works in the same way as a commercial supplier`s capital release program. Maybe you want to compare these to see which one is right for you. It is effectively a bridge loan to cover your nursing home costs and use your home as collateral. As part of a payment deferral agreement, the Council will pay your care home fees and insure the loan against your property. You can delay the repayment to Council until you decide to sell your home or until you die. If, at the end of this 90-day period, we have not received payment or if no active measures are taken to repay the debt (for example.B. If the sale does not progress and we have actively tried to resolve the situation, or if we believe that the executor is deliberately hindering the sale of the property), we will initiate legal proceedings to recover the amount due.

This can be a difficult and confusing time and we strongly recommend that you get independent financial advice before entering into an agreement. The person who inserts the payment for the measure is called a “sponsor”. If remedial action is agreed, the sponsor is required to make the weekly payment directly to the care home for the duration of the care home intermediation. Payments can only be deferred for costs charged by the care and support provider for the services provided. If the person lives in a care home, this is likely related to accommodation costs, but if the person lives in a supported life and pays rent to a landlord (who may or may not be the caregiver), those rents cannot be deferred. If you wish to request a payment deferral after needing independent financial advice, please contact Staffordshire Cares to obtain an application form. The payment deferral agreement means that after payment by the local authority, there is less money left from the sale of your home. This means that everyone who might expect to inherit from you receives less. Only in England, if you have a payment deferral agreement, should your local authority consider the costs of maintaining your home if you decide how much you should pay for your care costs.. . . .