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Simple Service Level Agreement

This internal SLA scripting also makes it possible to compare the quality of service between an internal department and an external service provider. [4] Choose measures that motivate good behavior. The first objective of each metric is to motivate the appropriate behavior on behalf of the customer and the service provider. Each part of the relationship will strive to optimize its actions to achieve the performance goals set by the metrics. Focus first on the behavior you want to motivate. Then test your metrics by placing yourself on the other side instead. How would you optimize your performance? Does this optimization support the initially desired results? If your server goes down, this is called “downtime.” If your server is running normally and working, this is also called “uptime”. Sure, you want 100% uptime, but things happen unexpectedly and it`s likely that you`ll have at least a little downtime every year you offer a service. Mutually agreed standard.

It establishes an agreed standard by which power can be measured. It identifies client expectations, defines limits to service delivery and clarifies responsibilities. In the absence of a common understanding of needs and priorities, there can easily be conflicts between the parties. An SLA and the communication process associated with its implementation help minimize conflicts between the parties and provide a way to resolve conflicts in the event of a problem. . . .