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Suntrust Deposit Agreement

So my employer deposited my paycheck directly on Friday and Suntrust can`t find where my paycheck is and asked me to contact my pay slip. I did and my pay slip gave Suntrust the details to whom they sent the money, but Suntrust claimed that they did not receive the check of my employment pay and that my mortgage is due tomorrow 5/1/2020. I waited and contacted the pay slip and suntite back to back with no solution. Where is my paycheck???? I`ve spoken to 10 different customer services and none of them can help but ask the same questions over and over again. Opening a new online account in July 2020. I made a deposit and a directly created deposit of my work. I received a call from the local branch to get additional documents to prevent my account from being closed. Set a Friday date, just a few days after the first phone call. Meanwhile, my Atm card arrives with a separate letter with my PIN number.

On Friday, I go to the branch, give my social security card and driver`s license and sign all the corresponding documents. Sent on my joyful path. So I got a $20,000 loan. I deposited into an account. Once released, it was to withdraw money. Bank accounts will lock it. When I call, libra always says there and we send it. I`m two months old and I still don`t have my money. No one can say that as soon as the account is closed, I will receive the credit in a check.

BANKING IS NOT IN THIS BANK AND SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. Don`t trust any of these companies!!!! They are thieves. The more there are, the more likely we are to be reimbursed!!!! I opened a business account and paid money for a reason I don`t know, which felt like the checks were fraudulent. However, the money has released the account and the seller pays another amount. You have decided to close my account. The seller tried to dispute the check which was written according to the suntrust representative and was warned by his bank that it is not a fraudulent check, so it is active, please inform Suntrust. We advised Suntrust, and they told us they would send me the check in 15 business days. It is now 45 business days and the account is frozen with no refund or responses.

The worst bank ever. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I couldn`t make it to a physical bank. When good people do business for them and they treat the bad ones with irreverence. I have an equity line at Suntrust Bank. I suffered roof damage during a hurricane and internal damage. I settled my accounts with the insurance company for an amount that is nothing more than the cost of replacing my roof. The cheque was presented to Suntrust on January 9, 2020. I asked a roofer to replace the roof.

After a lot of frustrating calls, I finally got enough for the down payment. The roof swap began and when the second payment was due under my contract, the mortgage required an inspection. I opened an online account and funded $5000…