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Tentative Agreement Cps

The CTU said early Thursday that the agreement included a nurse and a social worker every day in each school community, a demand that put the union at the center of the strike. After months of negotiations, the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have given an initial glimpse of a preliminary agreement to end more than two weeks of strike action. The provisional contractual agreement between the CTU and the CPS provides for an overall increase of 16 percent over five years, as well as additional increases based on the seniority of teachers. The agreement also contains provisions for the recruitment of hundreds of nurses and social workers who have been hired gradually over the term of the contract. new limits for classes – 28 for kindergarten up to grade 3, 31 for grades 4 to 8 and 25 to 31 for high school, depending on the type of class. After 10 days of strike action and months of negotiations with the city, the Chicago Teachers Union tonight considered a tentative contractual agreement in the 700-member Chamber of Deputies. After a lively debate, delegates voted by 364 votes to 242 in favor of passing the agreement as long as the city allows members to rework their missed workdays. “We believe this is an agreement that will bring real and lasting benefits to our schools. It`s a contract we can believe in,” Sharkey said. Remedies for overcrowding therefore only occur if respectively 4, 4 and 7 students are above what a normal class should have according to the agreement.

The Chicago Teachers Union said teachers will vote on the preliminary agreement on Nov. 14 and 15. If the contract is ratified by the union, it would have to be approved by the Chicago Board of Education. .