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Uc Articulation Agreement

UC articulation analysts verify the submitted material, and then we send an electronic notification to the Community College and each UC campus. The updated ATT is published on ASSIST. Each articulation agreement* contains both a formal contractual language (duration, signatures, etc.) and a student-centered transfer card, controlled by the faculties, which contains one semester-per-semester pathway! Explore the following institution to see if your university/university and main subject have an articulation agreement. *The Transfer Degree Map model started in September 2019. Agreements before this date should not include a pathway per semester. We maintain partnerships with universities and degree programs in several countries to provide you with a clear path and smooth transition to our RN-to-BSN program. These agreements will help you avoid any assumptions and ensure that you know from the beginning which courses meet our required standards. Access UC campus information and articulation contacts. Transfer Degree Maps are clear tracks between the associated degrees selected in local community colleges and the UC-compatible bachelor`s degrees. Based on the following articulation agreements, we have put in place a number of clear pathways between the associate degrees selected at local community colleges and UC-compatible bachelor`s degrees. Course-to-course agreements set out community college courses that are comparable or “acceptable” with appropriate courses on a particular UC campus. Major preparation agreements define community college courses that meet the requirements of majors on each UC campus.

While UC does not have pre-approved formal agreements for transferable courses outside of the California Community College system, general units or credits are transferable from a regionally accredited college or university if a course is comparable to that offered on a UC campus. If a course does not correspond to a specific UC course, it must be adapted to a UC degree in terms of purpose, scope and depth. To get an idea of the likely transferable courses from four-year institutions and two-year non-governmental colleges, read the General Catalog for each UC campus or a course transfer agreement (TCA) that UC has with any California Community College.