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Voluntary Placement Agreement North Carolina

“The agreement is valid until the young adult is 21 years old, the young adult no longer meets the eligibility criteria, the young adult terminates the agreement orally or in writing, the court finds that the young adult does not meet the objectives of the transition plan and/or the young adult has violated the voluntary accommodation agreement for foster families 18 to 21, or the young adult had been absent from their licensed employment relationship for more than 30 days without prior authorization from the District Department of Social Services and the court terminated the services. § 1201 (XII) (D). N.C. DIV. OF SOCIAL SERVS., FAMILY SUPPORT AND CHILD WELFARE MANUAL, FAMILY SUPPORT AND CHILD WELFARE MANUAL, Child Placement Servs., Change # 04-2016, § 1201 (XII) (C) (Dec. 2016). Family allowances at the standard rate (currently $634 per month). These are for food, accommodation, clothing, personal expenses and ordinary and necessary school and transportation expenses. Payments can be made to an adoptive parent, employment agency, parent or foster family. The Landkreis can even make payments directly to the young adult if it finds (1) that it is in the best interest of the young adult, (2) financial management is an objective of the transitional life plan and (3) the Landkreis works closely with the young adult in budgeting. § 7B-910. Verification of voluntary care centres. `uninsured custody` means the placement of a child in the home of a parent, an unrelated parent, foster families or an institution managed by DSS.

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