Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Daily Doodle: Cars and Tony Chu

Continuing in the Marvel book, here are some cars. I like to sketch out with a 6H so they are pretty darn light but then I feel a little more free to just let lines go rather than be all meticulous. I want to get in the habit of drawing lots of rough sketches, scanning and inking over using my pen tablet. But I need my scanner, which is in Seattle. Soon.

Drawing Marvel Cars (light sketches)

Also, since Rob Guillory is freaking awesome and I’m totally obsessed with this comic “Chew”, which he illustrates to John Layman’s killer scripts, I figured I’d do a little learning from the master and sketch out a Tony Chu (I learn best through imitation). I love the way Rob angles features. It’s a really fun yet intense style.

Rob Guillory Fan Art: Tony Chu

You can find Chew here: (the chew blog) and here: (Amazon).

And examples of Rob Guillory’s sketches of Chew: