Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Day 16: To wake

Last night, I spend about 60 seconds concentrating on the idea that I would wake up as soon as the 3am alarm went off and that I would hop out of bed immediately.
It worked. I only set the one alarm and when it went off, I was immediately awake. Of course, immediately after I picked up my phone to halt the alarm, noting that I was incredibly alert and awake, I laid back down to marvel at the fact that I woke up so easily. That’s when I began to feel extremely tired. Before falling asleep again, I managed to recognize that this was a very bad idea, if I was to get up at all this morning. I then hopped out of bed and jumped into the shower.
I must say, I feel much more alert and awake with this 3 hours of sleep than I felt yesterday (after over sleeping 6.5 hours on my core session).
Now, I’ve got to do some more research.

Today’s Breakfast:
Sunflower Seed Butter (like peanut butter) and Pupkin Butter (like apple butter) sandwich. Yum, yum!