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Male-Female Privilege Checklist: additions

After reading this Marginal Revolution post on the male and female privilege checklist, I noticed a few things the following lists were missing:

First, let me say, I oppose assigning values to this items and comparing whether it’s better to be one sex over the other. Once someone tallied up and said “ok, the score leans to side X”, it’s going to start an endless battle of finding another thing that one sex has over the other. And really, what makes what list and what gets which value, is preposterously arbitrary.
Also, I consider myself a feminist. My additions are not intended to skew to one side or the other. Comment if you like with your additions. Mostly this is just a humorous but honest observation on some inequality in modern day USA culture and in nature. These lists do not include racial or sexual preference advantages.
I avoided mentioning things that are obviously benefits and hinderances at the same time (e.g. men are expected to be better drivers than women–this is sometimes to the benefit of the male and sometimes to the benefit of a female).

anyway, here are my additions:


  • I can pee standing up, which allows me to pee just about anywhere without pulling my pants down (e.g. in a bottle on a road trip)
  • I don’t have to deal with monthly bleeding
  • If I rise high in my career, I can be comfortable that people will not think I got there through supplying sexual favors to my superiors
  • I can run without worrying about long term damage to pectoral perkiness
  • Video games are more likely to be tailored to my interests and playing style
  • I can compete in sports without people questioning my sexual preference
  • I can have a child without damaging my body in labor
  • I don’t have to get routine pap-smears
  • As I get older, my attractiveness increases (to a point) to younger members of the opposite sex.
  • I am not pressured to feel guilty about what I eat (until I get old)
  • In a crisis situation, someone from my gender is likely to be given (or to take) command


  • Public restrooms for my gender are likely to be cleaner, some having couches and other luxuries
  • If I am caring for a baby in public, my restroom is more likely to have a changing table
  • I can receive student financial aid without having to ‘volunteer’ for Selective Services (the Draft)
  • If I am moderately attractive, I can advance my career (or begin one) by emphasizing this quality
  • When on a date or with a friend of the opposite sex, it is likely that I will not be expected to pay for anything–regardless of my income level
  • I can display the uninhibited enthusiasm of a child without people questioning my intelligence or sexuality
  • I am not expected to be athletic, lest my value as a member of my sex be questioned
  • when sitting on any splayed-legged object (horse, bike, unicycle, etc…), I don’t have to worry about getting ‘racked’
  • I am not expected to have to deal with spiders, snakes, worms or anything else that may be dangerous or gross (with the exception of snot, vomit, and poop in regard to my own children)
  • Bars and clubs frequently have a weekly night where I get in free. If not, I can probably get someone from the opposite sex to pay for my entrance anyway (and likely some drinks as well).
  • I can dance anywhere with a low probability that people will question my sexuality or sanity