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This really bothers me. Obviously, court protection orders aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. If you are threatening murder/suicide, you probably don’t care that some authoritative agency suggests you don’t go near your target. In fact, it will probably just drive the urgency of your desire. Why can’t court protection orders also come with a GPS bracelet, just like those they put on people after they get out of jail so they don’t leave their houses? Only, this version would detect when you come within the limits of your order and notify authorities, who would hopefully come quickly enough. Just goes to show how broken and poisoned our society can be that a guy can go out and buy a gun, get a court order against him and still achieve his dark desires–and that we, as a society, let that happen, made it happen, grew this mindset.

Being a new dad, this stuff worries me.

  • I can see why it worries you. The legal issue is that until there is a hearing, the court is faced with a dilemma. The court issues a TNCO (Temporary No Contact Order) immediately. They do this by default and it is in effect for a short period (usually 30 days) until a hearing is held. The issue is that because its done by default, anyone can go get one on anyone else. Therefore, should the court require someone to wear a GPS monitor automatically? This person could be completely innocent. Consider a false charge from an ex-girlfriend. She could have that issued, and keep on having it issued to harass if she wanted. Is that fair either?

  • I don’t think it should be automatic for every case; it should just be automatic for cases that involve brandishing firearms and threatening murder/suicide.