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Why Am I Bleeding?

I think I’m finally finished with my piece for the Bureau of Drawers Halloween show. Come check it out on Wed, 10/30 at 7pm, Cafe Racer in Seattle. I’ll be selling 12×16 wrapped canvas archival prints of this (printed as 15×19 and wrapped on canvas).

Prints now availabe:

Prints now available:

Why Am I Bleeding? by ~atomantic on deviantART

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Drink and Draw

I made this one page comic for the Bureau of Drawers Vol D, but we didn’t get enough submissions and the guy putting it together didn’t think half of the submissions (2/4) were good enough to publish. Since he was vague and I know the other artists in the group are awesome, I’m assuming mine fell into the bad group. Sad panda day. -[._.]-


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Bureau of Drawers Free Digital Anthology C

Hey everyone, my weekly comics drawing group just released our 3rd quarterly free digital anthology. More on the Bureau of Drawers website.

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Playing with iPad Sketchbook Pro

I just pulled out Sketchbook Pro on my iPad and started doodling with a stylus. My current strategy is to just keep layering and reducing opacity on each previous layer as I go. I haven’t gotten into playing much with the brushes or colors so it’s all pretty simple.

Stage 1:
Playing with Sketchbook Pro on iPad: Stage 1

Stage 2:
Playing with Sketchbook Pro on iPad: Stage 2

Stage 3:
Playing with Sketchbook Pro on iPad: Stage 3

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Daily Drawing: Random Faces

Got a chance to sketch a bit on the plane ride over the weekend.


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Daily Drawing: Basic Shapes and Androgynous Face

Well, it’s been a crazy week and I missed several days of drawing but here’s what I did just before driving up to Seattle:

Basic Shapes

Had Enough

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