Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Day 12: Easy Rise

I just got up at 3am. It was really easy to mentally wake up as soon as my first alarm vibrated next to me. The hard part was opening my eyes again, after seeing the big 3:00 on my red digital clock and re-closing them immediately. I let my phone snooze for 9 minutes then forced myself out of bed. Will power alone got me to the shower. My eyes burned for a few minutes under the steam.
If I had absolute control over my schedule, I would be doing this differently.
The whole purpose, in the end, is to acclimate my body to spreading sleep out evenly over the whole day. However, I am currently trying to sleep for 3 hours, then take about 1.5 hours worth of naps throughout the rest of the 24 hour period. Hardly seems even.
Ideally, I would have tried to ease my way into a true polyphasic system, sleeping in 3 three hour blocks, then transitioning to 4 two hour blocks, and finally 6-8 twenty-fourty minute blocks.
Someday, I will experiment with that transition. Well, time to do some homework.