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Daily Doodle: Portrait of John Griffin @JohnnyRingtone

My friend John Griffin (a musician from Tennessee) asked me to draw him a profile picture today. We’ll this is my first lunch break attempt:

Portrait of John Griffin

I’ll have to get some more practice turning John into a comic character as he will appear, playing guitar on the sidewalk, as a cameo in my first graphic novel.

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Daily Doodle: Faces

Got a little more time tonight to sketch so I went for a page of forward faces. Maybe tomorrow I’ll draw profile shots.

Faces 1 of 3
Faces 2 of 3
Faces 3 of 3

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Daily Doodle: Cars and Tony Chu

Continuing in the Marvel book, here are some cars. I like to sketch out with a 6H so they are pretty darn light but then I feel a little more free to just let lines go rather than be all meticulous. I want to get in the habit of drawing lots of rough sketches, scanning and inking over using my pen tablet. But I need my scanner, which is in Seattle. Soon.

Drawing Marvel Cars (light sketches)

Also, since Rob Guillory is freaking awesome and I’m totally obsessed with this comic “Chew”, which he illustrates to John Layman’s killer scripts, I figured I’d do a little learning from the master and sketch out a Tony Chu (I learn best through imitation). I love the way Rob angles features. It’s a really fun yet intense style.

Rob Guillory Fan Art: Tony Chu

You can find Chew here: (the chew blog) and here: (Amazon).

And examples of Rob Guillory’s sketches of Chew:

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Daily Doodle: Self Portrait (Quick Sketch)

Finding it tough to get time to draw around here. Had a really fun day with the family though. Got settled in the living room with bad lighting but managed to sketch this out before getting distracted again:

Daily Doodle: Self Portrait

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Daily Doodle: How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way: Part 1

Among many other books on comic book making, I’ve got a copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, which I’m going to start using for some practice.

I’m no gun aficionado so pardon the lack of finesse, but here’s my sketches for today as guided from that book.

Looks like I need to buy a ruler and practice this a few dozen more times ;)

Practice Gun Sketch - from comics the marvel way

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Daily Doodle: Flower Powerless

I want to go over this with a thicker pen and add more shading but I’m hitting that zombie dead tired state so I’ll have to attack this later:


Can’t wait to get back to Seattle so I can have a scanner again :)

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Daily Doodles: Shading with Scribbles

Having trouble getting these as detailed as I’d like. I’m trying to go through this part of a drawing tutorial during my lunch breaks and this particular part requires a lot of time drawing little tiny circular scribbles.

Shading with scribbles

Shading with scribbles

It’s an interesting technique that at first I sort of scoffed at. It’s rather time consuming but the texture is much nicer than just rubbing a 6B pencil to get a shade. At least, if you spend the time to make the circles fine enough.

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