Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Bangkok: Day 1.5

We got in at 23:00, Monday July 18th. After realizing that the airport was more confusing than we thought it would be, we finally found a metered taxi. We were so tired, we just took the 400 Baht offer to the hotel. The cabbie was nice and it worked out. I was expecting to pay between 300-400 Baht for the cab anyway. I figure there are really two options, you can insist that they use the meter and possibly get scammed as they drive around to increase the fee, or you can bargain a flat rate, in which the cabbie tries to get you to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Granted, you might end up with a good cabbie that uses the meter and takes the good roads, but it’s hard not to look like an asshole when you’ve been flying for 20 hours through 16 time zones.

So, this morning, we slept from about 2:45am-5:30am Bangkok time (that’s 12:45pm-3:30pm yesterday, Seattle time). The air is so humid, when I put the bug spray and sunblock on I didn’t feel any different. My skin was alreay supersaturated. The hotel breakfast was good. We had the western style since the Thai option was chicken and rice and it just didn’t sound too good right then.

Bank troubles
At the airport, we wanted to take out some cash from First Horizon. Of course, our cards didn’t work for some reason, the bank says it was due to an invalid pin entry but neither mine nor lena’s card worked. So, after using this internet cafe, which is a measly 30 Baht for 80 minutes (less than $1 US), we’ve got to find a bank and get a “cash advance”. Yay!