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From the Moleskine of Ivan Infinity Ph.D.

A page from the moleskine notebook of Ivan Infinity Ph.D.
A page from the Moleskine of Doctor Infinity Ph.d.

There is only one photo of the Doctor, which was taken on a day when he was feeling particularly childish:

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Daily Doodles: Shading with Scribbles

Having trouble getting these as detailed as I’d like. I’m trying to go through this part of a drawing tutorial during my lunch breaks and this particular part requires a lot of time drawing little tiny circular scribbles.

Shading with scribbles

Shading with scribbles

It’s an interesting technique that at first I sort of scoffed at. It’s rather time consuming but the texture is much nicer than just rubbing a 6B pencil to get a shade. At least, if you spend the time to make the circles fine enough.

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