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Daily Drawing: Basic Shapes and Androgynous Face

Well, it’s been a crazy week and I missed several days of drawing but here’s what I did just before driving up to Seattle:

Basic Shapes

Had Enough

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From the Moleskine of Ivan Infinity Ph.D.

A page from the moleskine notebook of Ivan Infinity Ph.D.
A page from the Moleskine of Doctor Infinity Ph.d.

There is only one photo of the Doctor, which was taken on a day when he was feeling particularly childish:

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Daily Drawing: Playing With Eyes

a bit of this is also yesterday’s drawing :)

Playing with eyes and faces

Now on to writing!

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Daily Drawing: Manga Boy (3/4 and Up Views)

Boy, weekends are killer. I’m trying to ramp up my training a bit more and dive into other things besides the Chris Hart Manga book. I’ve got a ton of books to get through but I also want to get cozy with drawing in Illustrator CS5–so I’m going through everything I can find on that. Plus, since I have a Graphic Novel story in progress, I’ve been trying to spend some time reformatting what I have currently in novel format into Antony Johnston’s standard comic book script format using Scrivener (awesome app)–and, of course, finishing the complete draft of the whole damn story. Ah, good times. It actually is really fun to start thinking about the story in terms of comic panels–it brings a whole new feel to it, more cinematic.

Well, anyway, with all that going on I probably won’t be posting a drawing every day but eventually, you should see some sketches relating to my graphic novel, which I won’t name publicly just yet.

Up View:
Manga Boy's Face (Up View) - Final Sketch

3/4 View:
Manga Boy's Face (3/4 View)

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Daily Drawing: The night we discovered that James was a Zombie Weresnake

Got a sick 2 year-old today so just a quick sketch. Didn’t have any intention with this one until I named it:

The night we discovered that James was a Zombie Weresnake

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Daily Drawing: Character Face Angle Sheet

I wanted to take what I’ve learned so far and compile it into 1 sheet that I could use for creating future character sheets. This shows a bunch of different face poses of a generic female manga character in basic structural mode:

Manga Face Angles Sheet

I left the guide markers that I used to sketch these so that I can refer to this sheet in the future. I’m going to make character sheet templates once I start learning other parts of the body :)

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Flying Cthulhu Robot Monster

So I’m taking a walk through the desert last night. It’s warm. Most nights are a bit on the warm side in Albuquerque during the summer. I like this. It brings out the insects. Wherever you go, the air is thick with the chirps of cicadas and the ground is swarming with beetles, ants and all kinds of other things I can’t identify.

The sun sinks away, leaving behind a sunset that lasts for hours. I swear, it’s almost midnight and the sky is still a little blue.

Now, I’m looking at the moon, which is unusually bright tonight, when this thing comes swirling out of a gap of light that just sort of appears in the middle of the sky. I’m not sure if it’s a robot or a suit of armor for some kind of intergalactic octopus but it comes up toward me, followed by a little hovering ball that keeps bleeping and flashing little fuzzy plasma lit signals.


This is when the big one speaks in a deep gargled metallic tone, telling me that Cthulu’s army is being manufactured in a nearby layer of this space-fabric-thingy and that I should prepare for the oncoming horde that will enslave all of my kind. I don’t reply right away–more like I just stare at it–which seems to cause confusion amongst my visitors. While the robot monster is looking back and forth between me and it’s little floaty ball friend, I make the loudest cicada call I can muster.

The desert rises up like a tidal wave and descends.

You can hear them, but until you see the swarms of desert insects combine into Optimus Megabug, you have no freaking clue how many are really out there. The exposed tentacles dangling below the hovering robot armor go first, chewed away and replaced by countless flapping wings. Flames spew out of the exhaust-pipe-looking-things on the robot’s shoulders. I don’t think they are supposed to do that. The little flying ball is totally losing it’s shit. It’s zipping around, apparently weaponless. Must just be a scout or something. It zooms back toward the horizon and vanishes into a wisp of light that peels back the sky. I don’t know if it’s going to warn the others not to come or fetch reinforcements but it’s gone now.

With the octopus beast eaten, all that remains is the robot shell. It’s a pretty cool piece of machinery so I cover it up in the sand, marking the position for later retrieval. Bring it on Cthulhu. Send your beasts. We’ve got insects.

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Portrait: Lena Eivy (@applena)

So yesterday, I (sort of) randomly drew a portrait for my daily doodle. I showed my wife and she was like, “Why didn’t you draw a picture of me or Ilya?” and I was like, “yeah… uh… I already thought of that. That’s what I’m drawing tomorrow.” So today, here’s a sketch of my wife. Beware that it’s a bit rough and the mouth and eyes didn’t turn out like I wanted. I’m going to ease off portraits for a while before getting around to drawing Ilya. I want to focus on building more of a comic book style form–and get better at shading. I have no intention of drawing portraits very often anyway–I’m going through a few drawing tutorials and haven’t quite gotten to those parts yet. So tomorrow, no portrait.

Portrait: Lena Eivy (@applena)

I went back to the art store to pick up some missing pencils. When I first went to the art store in August, I didn’t know the difference between pencil grades and I didn’t think I even wanted to learn much about pencil shading, which I’m still working on (a lot) so I just grabbed a range (6B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 6H). They didn’t have anything beyond 6 in either direction so I figured I was getting the spread.

But I figured I should fill the gaps so I got the missing ones–or so I thought. After I left (and the store closed), I realized that when I reached into the 4H box, I grabbed an HB. So I’m still missing a 4H and I’d like to get an 8B or 9B (or maybe just some charcoal)… anyway:
(yay pencils)

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Portrait of John Griffin (Darkened)

I’ve got to spend more time with Manga Studio before I get the hang of inking my sketches but I figured I should at least pull out the 2B and 6B and darken up this one on paper:

Portrait: John Griffin - Darkened

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Daily Doodle: Portrait of John Griffin @JohnnyRingtone

My friend John Griffin (a musician from Tennessee) asked me to draw him a profile picture today. We’ll this is my first lunch break attempt:

Portrait of John Griffin

I’ll have to get some more practice turning John into a comic character as he will appear, playing guitar on the sidewalk, as a cameo in my first graphic novel.

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