Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Day 3 or 4… it’s tomorrow

It’s still mind boggling to know that it’s yesterday in Seattle.
We went to the Grand Palace today, which was grand, yet extremely touristy. However, we walked there and on the way we found a series of streets with absolutely no white people or other foreigners. And even though there seemed to be only Thai nationals around us, the sidewalks were still filled with hawkers. This time selling rare coins, dentures, food, jewelry and precious statues–rather than t-shirts, tattoos, piercings, food, custom tailored suits and such.
Tucked away, deep within a side alley, we discovered a little thai restaurant and had the best green papaya salads we’ve ever tasted. The spice levels were as the thai enjoy and I nearly died but the lime juice in the sauce balanced the flavor enough for me to regain my composure, realizing that I suddenly felt much cooler (in temperature and style).

We checked out of the Bhiman Inn where we arranged our first 3 nights. It was terribly overpriced at 1400 THB* per night (about US$41). They had several luxuries including a swimming pool, a minibar and more, of which we never took advantage. Just a few blocks away, across from a fabulous thai massage spa (180 baht for 1 hour–roughly US$5.29), we checked into Happy House for 490 THB per night (US$14.41).
*For full sense of conversion, read my post on the value of the Thai baht (

I’d have to say the Thai massages are my favorite part so far (aside from the amazing food, which was our initial impetuous for choosing Thailand). We had one yesterday and one the day before. We will be getting another later today. My goal is to have a 1 hour massage every day we are here. The first one I had, they popped every bone in my spine and several in my neck and arms (not to mention my fingers and toes). I embarrassed Lena because I grunted and moaned through the second one. The Thais are very polite but also very conservative in dress and manners. Nobody else made a sound. I figured it was alright though because the person who was doing my massage kept smiling and laughing. They found tense muscles I didn’t even know I had. And certainly, if you get a thai massage, you don’t have any use for a chiropractor.

I did manage to find a couple of hand drums and I will be getting at least 2, one for me and 1 for david if he wants it. The initial price I got out of them was 950THB (about US$30). I got them down to 850 and pleading for me to give them a lower price when I said 600 and walked away. It was apparently too low because they let me go. I’ll see how much they are at the weekend market :)