Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Eating Late = Groggy Morning

I ate dinner really late last night, which consisted of a bunch of flax seed soy chips with hummus and a some Thai basil seed drink (first time I’ve tried it–it was ok but not great).

I woke up shortly before the alarm today, remembering my dreams. I was back in high school, visiting. Around lunch time, this horde of people with sumo suits and party gear were waiting for the students to come out to the quad (our communal lunch field). This had happened once when I was in high school. It was an elaborate ploy to get kids to come to a lecture on Jesus. Needless to say, I was once again horrified. The man who was in charge noticed that I was glaring at him and when he came over to deliver his sales pitch, I told him off. The biggest problem I had with this group in high school (other than the fact that they held a religious sermon at a public school, which goes against my beliefs of seperation of church and state) was that they never told anyone what was going to happen at the “party” everyone was invited to. It’s a small town. If there’s a party, people will go without asking what it’s about. It’s the weekness of the uninitiated. So, as all the students came out of the class rooms and saw what waited for them, I screamed out the truth, “it’s a hoax! they just want to preach to you. This is a church promotion…” and so on.

Later on in my dream, I was riding a very small (and thin) skateboard to get to school. I had missed too many classes and I didn’t do any of my homework this week so I was worried that I would miss even more. The reason I was riding the skateboard was because my motorcycle, which I don’t have in real life, had broken down. On my way, I came across a truck that was for sale. Curious, I opened it up and crawled inside to check out the interior. It was huge. While I was inside, the owner came around and asked what I was up to. I said I just wanted to check it out and he started telling me all about everything that was wrong with it. Somehow, it still seemed cool. Probably because it had a couch inside, which still left it with a livingroom sized interior.

There was a lot more but I’ve gotta get ready to go. Maybe I need to wake up earlier so I’m not so groggy.
I noticed, when I was on the plan, that I could eat at any time–even right before bed. Now, if I eat within 3 hours of bedtime, I wake up really groggy.