Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Hackable Internet Lounges

I’m in South Korea now, Incheon International Airport. It’s nice. There are a few internet lounges around and after searching for the best exchange rate (all the currency exchange windows throughout the airport give different exchange rates) I finally paid my 3,000 Won (or about US$3) for 1 hour of internet.
Of course, that 1 hour has now become as long as I like :)
Here’s the flaw in their logic:

First, the machine is running Windows XP Home Edition instead of any flavor of Linux or OSX.
The desktop always has the user logged in but it’s running an app on top that locks out keyboard access and takes over the whole screen. Basically a glorified screen saver.
Once logged in, the time tracker application minimizes to a little ticker app in the bottom right hand corner of the windows desktop. Windoes itself is set to disable access to ctrl+alt+del and to running proccesses like c:/windows/taskman.exe so people can’t just click away and kill the application that tracks your time. However, it did not protect the process itself beyond that. So, with the help of an alternative process killing application (I use taskill but there are literally hundreds). After a quick glance through the list of running processes, it didn’t take much to deduce that the time tracking application was called Client.exe.
Timer goes away, my purchased account number is booted out of the reduction queue and the windows login remains open with all my applications still running. Viola. Free internet. Now I can actually survive this 10 hour layover.

  • dude, you are so awesome! That’s using your head to subvert the System! Can’t wait to see you guys again, I have all kinds of cool ideas and I need your help :) I bet there’s a baduk game somewhere you could find to kill some time @ the airport in Korea. Safe travels!