Transitioning From Web Developer to Comic Book Author:

Life in Magdeburg

We’ve now been living here for a solid 2 weeks and I can verify with certainty that there are receptacles for people to scoop their dog droppings. Must just be the snow as one commenter suggested.

We are starting to feel more at home here. Tomorrow morning, we will be signing a lease for a flat that is in the same apartment complex as Brendan and Stina (our friends who are currently putting us up). It’s also right underneath our new friends Robert and Sebastian, native Germans who have been entertaining us with board games and humoring our bad German. Last night, they brought over Munchkin, which is an awesome game–but much more difficult when all the cards are auf Deutsch.

The snow is beginning to melt and we have found lots of places that are easily accessible by either walking or taking a quick tram ride.

One of the things we’ve noticed is that people just leave things on the sidewalk when the don’t want them. Our friends have furnished and populated their apartment almost entirely with found objects. Just yesterday we found a space heater, entryway rug, large fan, toaster oven and a vacuum cleaner (which we didn’t take). Every time we go for a walk, we stumble upon another pile of stuff. Today, we passed by a couch, bed and some other objects that were too wet from the snow.

Wish I had time to write more… still getting settled with work… well, back to it.