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Not just 5 years…

I started writing my 5 year plan but I just couldn’t stop at 5 years. I’m finding it easier to think about mapping out all my future plans and expectations as I see them. Maybe some are unrealistic but it’s the future I’m preparing for:

I’m thinking of making 3 paths though: Worst Case | Probable | Hopeful

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28 Hour Day

I’m working on a new sleep schedule. It won’t work this quarter–but maybe in the Autumn. Then again, winter is the best time to explore sleep changes…

Here’s the idea:

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My Bucket List

My brother posted his bucket list on Facebook, so I here’s mine. It’s a list of the top 10 things you would like to accomplish in your life before you “kick the bucket”.

01. Become financially independent (meaning I don’t have to work at all if I don’t want to because I have enough passive income to just play music, travel the world, write and spend time with my family and friends) before I turn 31. Last year, my goal was before I turn 30, but I think I’m going to be 6 months late of that mark.

02. Do a free standing back-flip. I wish I had done this a few years ago when I got health insurance for the first time in 8 years. Now I’m without coverage again and I just don’t want to risk it. I fell on my head without insurance a few years ago and they charged me $4K to tell me I was OK. I guess I’ll have to wait for completion of #01.

03. Write a novel. I haven’t even gotten to the first draft phase but I do have 6 Word documents with crappy titles, meager plot summaries, a few brainstorm snippets and two character outlines. I’m half way there, right? o_0

04. Speak at a TED conference. On what? Whatever it is that I give to the world before #10 happens.

05. Master the Accordion. I’ve had an accordion for 8 years. I love it. It’s awesome. Every time I pick it up and play it, I get hypnotized by how awesome it sounds. If I were stuck on a desert island and I could take only one thing with me, I would still choose to take a boat but if loopholes like that weren’t allowed and I was forced to choose something that couldn’t get me off the island, I would probably take an accordion.

06. Produce a musical album. I love to sing but I know I’m not that good at it. After mastering the accordion, I’ll probably move onto that part, but I love music of all kinds, so I might pick up another instrument.

07. Travel the world with my daughter. My little girl is teh awesome!!!!11!!!one! I want to show her all the places I haven’t seen yet.

08. Learn to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese fluently. And German, Russian, Arabic, Zulu, Hindi… I would also like to learn just enough of every language that I could pick out a strangers dialect and say a few simple phrases with confidence. Just a “Hey, you speak {language name}? Cool. I’m just learning.” It’s surprising what kind of connections come out of just knowing that.

09. Create a game or some other meme that will withstand the test of time, passing from generation to generation.

10. Become a singularity. Hey, screw this whole ‘before death’ thing. I plan to bypass that part.

Previous buckets kicked:

* Master riding the unicycle
* Learn a foreign language…not necessarily fluently ;)
* Buy a house
* Visit any part of Europe (went to London)
* Visit any part of Asia (went to Thailand)
* Have a child
* Start a business

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The Trouble With Gmail Adwords

Apparently, Gmail thinks I like SPAM:


I would expect Gmail to know enough to filter out its own words from Gmail adsense inclusion–or at the very least, filtering out the word ‘spam’ but maybe people really do visit their spam box, simultaneously thinking to themselves, I’d love some spam!

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Where to Meet Your Friends

My friendships have been relegated to my dreams. I worked late last night, sleeping only to see my friends.

“Thanks for the book.”
“oh, yeah, glad you like it.”

Then we have a discussion on personal education philosophy and practices.
Sometimes, lately, I’m not sure if I had a conversation with a friend or if all happened in a dream.

“Didn’t we go to their house last week and play cards or something…?”
“No, it’s been a while.”

Optimistically, at least I remember having good times.

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Sleepy Brainstorming

I used to lie awake, in bed, thinking about time travel, cause and effect, logical fallacies, the history of the universe, the microcosmic dust and the macrocosmic crust–anything unknown that needed a good hypothesis.

Now, I lie there thinking about innanities, filling out forms, paying bills, the state of the economy, work, work and more work. All these worries and obsessions, so human, are so restrictive.

I just can’t find it in me at the moment to become creative about beurocracy. This makes it difficult to sleep.

I used to start dreaming to fall asleep, starting with something abstract and twisting it until it was even more difficult to articulate. Soon, all would be a haze of dream and random thought stream.

I need this again.

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Updated PGP Key

I just created a brand spankin’ new PGP key pair. Get my public key here:

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Become Financially Independent

I don’t want to work anymore. I have two mortgages, a wife and a baby. If I can earn $500K (after taxes), I can pay off both mortgages and we can pay our base bills with the rent from our other house. This will allow me to only have to work for fun and fun money.

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Start up -> Shut down -> Back in?

Working at a start up company is a lot of fun. There’s a ton of enthusiasm, the progress feels fantastic. You start with nothing and you evolve it into something stable, robust, sustainable, intelligent. Sometimes you even get to make something that takes off on it’s own and just goes and all you have to do is watch.

And when the economy is good, financing is good. The payout can be great. But there’s risk. There is a hard road to flatten, cobble, pave, paint and then sell to someone who needs a road. That’s the business of a startup. To make something great and see the payoff. Then we get to move on to something else. Hopefully, we don’t move onto something else before the current project comes to full fruition.

Today, I am officially unemployed. The entire company is laid off. With the market hit, some investors have to save themselves before making risky bets.

But all hope is not lost. There are some investors who have been waiting for this moment in the economy so they can get a really good deal on bankrupt and struggling companies. The buying is hot right now. I have done some of this myself. It’s a damn good time to buy up shares of companies you know will turn a profit.

So, I am going to be on hold, trying to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. Maybe I will get hired back, maybe not.

Time to touch up the old resume.

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